Published: Thu, March 30, 2017
Entertaiment | By Simon Arnold

Beauty and the Beast dazzles again, Power Rangers off to solid start

Beauty and the Beast dazzles again, Power Rangers off to solid start

A remake of the 1991 animated Disney musical from director Bill Condon, this "live action" version of Beauty and the Beast, also from Disney, should prove pleasing for fans of the original and/or star Emma Watson, yet it all feels a bit busy, prissy and over-the-top.

Emma Watson's performance as Belle was refreshing and empowering, a huge departure from the original portrayal of Belle.

"You still have to deliver a solid movie that will entice people to spend their hard-earned money to go see something that they already know, or already know about, " he said. Despite the similarities, I saw the 2017 film in a completely new light watching it as an adult.

As a huge fan of Disney films, with "Beauty and the Beast" being one of my favorites, I have been looking forward to this release since a year ago when the teaser trailer was released. These new songs mostly do not convey any new information and stop the show dead in its tracks. She is strong, brave, independent, and not afraid to fight for the ones she loves.

In Korea, "Beauty and the Beast" has also topped the daily chart since its release on March 16, except on Thursday when it was dethroned by the new Korean release "The Prison".

The movie also introduced Disney's "first" gay character (this is put into quotations because many argue that he was clearly gay in the original), Lefou (Josh Gad), the closest person Gaston has to a real friend.

All in all, this re-imagined classic manages to retell the story of Belle and the Beast with very few hiccups.

In the animated film, Gaston was very over the top and into himself, which is how he is supposed to be portrayed.

"Beauty and the Beast" has been rewritten and adapted in different versions since French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve wrote the traditional fairytale in 1740, "La Belle et la Bête". Reviewer Michael Upton calls the film, "a breath of fresh air for those hoping to bring their children up in a world where everyone is accepted". I predict the film will finish around the $120-$130 million domestic range. One of the biggest issues I think in recreating anything, an original movie, or book are matching people's true visions, and expectations of the characters.

Overall, the new telling of an old story for "Beauty and the Beast" is well done and has quickly been added to my favorite movie list.

And that - however poorly worded - is I think what they meant when they said they didn't want it "blown out of proportion". I, too, felt that life was "boring" and "dull".

I laughed, and to be perfectly honest, I cried. The supporting characters urge her to fall in love with him, not giving her any other option. At the climax, the Beast lets Belle leave to rescue her father; and he clearly states that it's her choice and he doesn't stop her.

"Beauty and the Beast" has taken in $300 million more than "Kong" on a worldwide basis.

The call was for the live-action version of Beauty And The Beast. Russian Federation and several other countries set age restrictions on the film, and a theater in Alabama even barred it from showing because of this aspect.

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