Published: Tue, April 25, 2017
Entertaiment | By Simon Arnold

Despite massive spending, Dems fail to take US House seat in Georgia

They fell short, for now.

Mr. Trump, who only won Georgia's 6th Congressional District by 1 point in November, called to congratulate Ms. Handel on her victory.

First the good news for Democrats. If he doesn't, Ossoff and the top GOP vote-getter would meet in a June 20 runoff.

"I would have been more surprised it it hadn't gone to a runoff, with that many candidates", Simas says.

Still, the competitive nature of the race indicates Democrats are energized in opposition to Trump.

"Jon Ossoff is in a strong position to become the first Democrat to represent the Georgia 6in almost 40 years".

GOP leaders are confident that in any case, they'll again stop the Democrat from winning in two months. Republicans are bidding to prevent a major upset in a conservative Geor.

Democrats are already readying their attacks against Handel, signaling they are prepared to pick up on the spending-related attacks.

"I've always said that Democrats can be a little lazy, and I do believe since November there's an emergence of people fighting", Gulley said. This spells trouble for his opponent and GOP candidates whose districts are no longer safe for 2018.

Still, it is too early to draw firm conclusions.

"Estes's underperformance in Kansas 4 should worry Republicans because special elections as a group have done a decent job of predicting midterm results over the past few cycles", Enten writes.

In Texas, at least one congressional district - the 7th, in the Houston suburbs - has similarities to the 6th in Georgia. They tried to make the race a referendum on President Obama but the tactic failed.

A voter leaves a polling site after casting a ballot in a special election in Marietta, Ga., Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

What you're talking about is a national election in four years - by that time, I totally agree with you that whoever emerges from the Democratic primary will have to have a message that resonates on economic issues, and they still might benefit from the backlash among suburban, Republican-leaning voters toward Trump.

The special election was seen as an early test of anti-Trump sentiment and the president's ability to retain the loyalty of Republican voters. The U.S. political map appears to be shifting in dramatic ways. In Montana, it's completely prairie-style populism, totally different [from] what we saw in the Georgia Sixth. It's a point about how handicappers will size up the vulnerability of relative incumbent Republicans.

"The south is changing".

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of SC said the race showed how the South was changing. Lindsey Graham said on the "Today" show. Both districts include many affluent, educated residents. One year in which special House elections appeared to foreshadow the broader USA results was 2008.

Still, the close finishes in Georgia as well as conservative Kansas underscored Democrats' potential to capitalize on surging liberal energy following Trump's election, even as they also pointed to the limits of how far Democrats can go in Republican-friendly districts.

Of course, George W. Bush was deeply unpopular at the time and Republican were widely expected to perform poorly in 2008. And in 2014, she unsuccessfully sought a US Senate seat won by David Perdue.

Despite his late involvement in the race, President Trump never endorsed a Republican candidate. It has remained a Republican fortress since 1978 when it was won by Newt Gingrich.

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