Published: Sat, April 08, 2017
Entertaiment | By Simon Arnold

Harry Styles' debut solo single breaks the internet

Harry Styles' debut solo single breaks the internet

Styles recently revealed that Adele celebrated his 21st birthday in a pretty unique way 2 years ago and actually gave him a copy of her own album as a present - really.

It's finally the moment One Direction fans have all been waiting for: Harry Styles' first solo single has arrived.

He said: "I think it's fantastic".

"I started the album end of Feb past year for three weeks and had to stop for five months when I went to do a movie".

"Just stop your crying, it's a sign of the times / Welcome to the final show / I hope you're wearing your best clothes", he croaks, in an artfully dishevelled vocal. It's the band, it's one thing.


A few months later, Styles, Horan, Tomlinson and fellow member Liam Payne said the group would be taking a break from early 2016. "I think everyone reacts differently to different types of music", Harry said of the song. With rumors of a video for the new single and a TV performance on the way, it's exciting to see where Styles will go from here.

Hear the full co-host and world premiere of Harry's debut single at 8am on Friday 7 April on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. I just wanted to not be distracted...

"The last couple of One Direction records we made on the road and that was incredible and a lot of fun", he explained.

'I haven't dated for ages - I've been too busy making a movie and my solo album, ' he said.

"The whole album finished then my stepdad said 'I've one question, where did you get the duck from?"

He's also a big fan of his pal Ed Sheeran, who listened to some of his album before its release. "He [Ed] is really good - he's one of the most talented dudes I know". "But [my mum] cried a couple of times which was good, I think that was good".

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