Published: Tue, April 25, 2017
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Judge to consider Mel B's domestic violence claims amid divorce case

Judge to consider Mel B's domestic violence claims amid divorce case

The 41-year-old film producer recently filed for joint custody of his five-year-old child and visitation rights with 10-year-old Angel - whom Mel had with Eddie Murphy - amidst a nasty divorce battle with the former Spice Girl.

Gilles claims Mel B told lies about her in the divorce case against Stephen Belafonte.

According to her, Gilles was pregnant with his child then later had an abortion. It also claimed that Belafonte impregnated her and requested that she have an abortion, which Mel B's money paid for.

Among her claims, Mel B revealed Belafonte demanded she partake in "sexual intercourse with him and random women" and threatened to release sex tapes of the sexual activity if she objected, "E!"

The website adds that Lorraine has accompanied her lawsuit with various pictures and other exhibits which she believes will convince a jury that Mel is lying.

Mel B, 41, Wednesday Belafonte in 2007 following a short courtship and soon after the birth of Angel, her daughter with Eddie Murphy.

It may seem unusual for Gilles to be playing such a major part in Mel and Stephen's contentious divorce, but it appears that she was far more than just a nanny.

She says Mel B told her she and Belafonte, 41, had an open marriage, and were free to sleep with whom they wished. Indeed, at no point did Gilles and Belafonte engage in any sexual acts without Brown's knowledge or participation.

Lawyers for Mel B appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom on Monday and accused estranged husband Stephen Belafonte of running a pornography production company.

On the allegation that Lorraine got pregnant by Belafonte, the court papers said the pregnancy never belonged to Belafonte but a product of a one-night stand.

'Mother Teresa does not marry Atila the Hun, ' she said.

Lorraine Gilles has unveiled a whole new potential layer to the life of Mel B, by filing documents in a recent suit. "Moreover, given Brown's celebrity status, Brown was aware or should have been aware that the Declaration would be publicized and made available to the public at large", Gilles claims in her 106-page complaint.

Brown noted that she became resolute in her decision to leave Belafonte after she claimed he took her passport to prohibit her from spending time with her father before he died last month.

Gilles is suing Brown and doe defendants for libel, invasion of privacy and emotional distress.

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