Published: Fri, April 07, 2017
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Mel B accuses estranged husband of abuse in court filings

Mel B accuses estranged husband of abuse in court filings

She filed to divorce her husband of almost 10 years on March 20, citing irreconcilable differences Court records filed in their divorce do not include a lawyer for Belafonte, and attempts to find a representative for him were unsuccessful.

In the court documents, Brown detailed incidents dating back to 2007, when she claimed Belafonte slammed her onto the floor and began choking her on the night of her finale for the TV show "Dancing with the Stars". When she became successful, Stephen 'would beat me down to let me know he was in charge.'.

In July 2012, Brown said, he accused her of flirting with Usher while she taped a segment for "X Factor" and punched her in the face with a closed fist, splitting her lip.

Belafonte has apparently now left Mel's home in Hollywood Hills on a judge's orders as of Monday.

And now it appears her mother has alluded to the relationship online, as she retweeted a message written by Mel past year. She got rug burn from the odeal and her face "actually scabbed over the rug burns". As a cover up, he made her tweet that she'd injured herself by running in Christian Louboutin heels. He also cheated on her with their own nannywho got pregnant. Brown claims that in the end Belafonte demanded that the nanny have an abortion and paid her £300,000 of Brown's money for "alleged nanny services". As previously reported by TMZ, a key moment for Brown came when she attempted suicide in December 2014 by swallowing a bottle of aspirin.

She also claims that he filmed them having sex, sometimes secretly, and repeatedly threatened to release video publicly or to disrupt her business plans.

In divorce papers last month, Mel cited "irreconcilable differences", but she is now accusing Stephen of physical abuse, extortion and blackmail.

She claimed Stephen had sex tapes, some recorded without her knowledge, and that he would threaten to release them and ruin her career if she resisted to "participate in sexual intercourse with him and random women".

Another allegation Mel B made is that he has a firearm, which in his case is illegal since he has a prior conviction of domestic violence against another woman.

"Respondent would degrade me in front of her by comparing me to (Gilles), telling me how much younger and better looking she was". Read the rest of the allegations here.

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