Published: Fri, April 28, 2017
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Texas House OKs sanctuary city ban with tough jail penalty

Texas House OKs sanctuary city ban with tough jail penalty

Gene Wu was visibly emotional on Wednesday as he spoke about a controversial immigration enforcement bill before the Texas House of Representatives.

The bill has already passed in the State Senate and is expected to pass in the House. Senate Bill 4 would penalize jurisdictions that limit local law enforcement's cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer requests. Opponents of the measure say that is not enough. Without naming names, Anchia said some Republicans admitted they were only motivated to go along with the bill because of primary voters.

The state Senate's version is still different enough from the House's that the two chambers must compromise on a finished bill. Greg Abbott in the early days of the 85th legislative session.

At stake: a bill that would punish law enforcement officials who decline in some way to participate in federal immigration enforcement.

"Today we saw legislators scrambling to turn their anti-immigrant brand of race-based hate into laws that would criminalize families and children, and people of color in Texas", Karla Perez, an undocumented law student from the University of Houston Law Center and state coordinator with United We Dream, said in a statement.

House Republicans shot down more than 100 amendments that aimed to inject some sense of compassion to the bill and protect an already vulnerable community from deportation.

Opposition to the anti-immigrant bill surrounded the debate.

"Oh my gosh, you don't act based on data?" "And hate is a pretty good emotion, isn't it?"

CAAP said it's frustrated with people calling the subject a civil rights issue. He said the premise of the bill is "built upon a series of lies".

He continued: "If it's not about ICE detainers, it's not about [stopping] violent criminals, it's not about law enforcement, then it feels like it's about something else". It's not really about crime data.

"One thing we really want to emphasize today is that Senate BiillBill 6 is a terrible bill", explained Ali Lozano with Texas Freedom Network.

This amendment failed by a 55-89 vote.

Nearly every amendment and procedural maneuver proposed by Democrats was defeated by a similar tally. If passed, it could lead to harsh penalties and the potential removal from office of local officials who implement sanctuary policies. Lucio's amendment requires the attorney general to get court approval before green-lighting sanctions against a sanctuary city.

Some Texas counties have been sued for unlawfully holding USA citizens in jail who were mistakenly identified by ICE as someone who is in the country undocumented. "I know that there has been litigation there". "Look into your hearts to realize the impact that this is going to have". Charlie Geren, R-Fort Worth, the bill's House sponsor, stood his ground and said the bill wasn't about targeting minorities or about racial profiling.

For Neave, making sure the bill isn't signed into law is personal: Her father, who is now a USA citizen, first entered the United States illegally.

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