Published: Thu, April 20, 2017
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United Airlines to refund fares to all Flight 3411 passengers

United Airlines to refund fares to all Flight 3411 passengers

On Wednesday, Munoz said he did not blame the passenger, and added that his initial comments "fell short" of what he felt. That list - generated hours before the plane ever got to the gate - would remain in the computer system until after the flight actually departed, said Ahmed Abdelghany, a professor of operations management at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Daytona Beach, Fla., campus.

Two more officers involved in dragging a United Airlines passenger off a plane have been placed on administrative leave, according to a statement provided to Yahoo News. "We can't do that".

As of Tuesday, Dao was still in a Chicago hospital recovering from his injuries, his lawyer said. It is unclear if Dao remains hospitalized.

This, the airline said, was in accordance with the airline's contract of carriage.

Of course, it's good for some passengers, too: Of the 475,000 people who were bumped off flights on the 12 largest airlines previous year, 91% did it voluntarily, agreeing to take cash or a travel voucher and a seat on a later departure.

On Wednesday, United said it would compensate all passengers on board the flight the cost of their tickets.

The Chicago Department of Aviation swiftly put the officer who removed Dao on leave, saying he had violated standard procedures and that the agency would not "tolerate that kind of action". The department said it is continuing its investigation into the incident.

Joya Griffin Cummings, the passenger who filmed and share this new footage, wrote in a Facebook post that Dao was no more "irate or belligerent than any tired passenger after a long day of travel would be". Munoz, himself, was forced to make several additional apologies after the company's first attempts failed.

A passenger who witnessed the episode said that two officers tried to calmly talk the man out of his seat before a third approached him in an aggressive manner.

The backlash from the incident resonated around the world, with social media users in the United States, China and Vietnam calling for boycott of the No.3 U.S. carrier by passenger traffic and an end to the practice of overbooking flights. The slang website Urban Dictionary also posted a definition, reading, "to beat up and violently drag paying passengers off an airplane in order to make room for airline crew on stand-by".

Airport officials have said little about Sunday's events and nothing about Dao's behavior before he was pulled from the jet that was bound for Louisville, Kentucky.

Video of the incident has been shown around the world. "The real question is, at what point did the airline think this is no longer their problem and turns this over to the police?"

A Chicago aviation officer dragged Dao off the aircraft, as Dao's glasses slid down his face, which was later bloodied.

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