Published: Tue, May 09, 2017
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Texas Cop Who Shot and Killed Jordan Edwards Fired

Texas Cop Who Shot and Killed Jordan Edwards Fired

The Balch Springs police officer who shot and killed a 15-year-old high school freshman this past weekend is now out of a job and under investigation.

Edwards' death is one of dozens of shootings in recent years of men and women who were inside moving vehicles at the time they were shot, even after decades of urging from policing experts and reformers nationwide that departments ban officers from opening fire on moving vehicles.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber announced that Oliver, who had been an officer with the department since 2011, had been terminated.

While the sheriff's office conducts its investigation, the district attorney's office says no charges have been filed against Oliver yet.

The police originally reported that Edwards' vehicle was driving aggressively towards the officers, but police body-camera footage from the scene showed the opposite.

"I take responsibility for that", Haber said, according to CNN.

"The magnitude of his frightful actions can not be overstated", said a statement released from the family of Jordan Edwards.

The police didn't detail Oliver's violations, saying he is entitled to appeal his firing and that the Dallas County district attorney together with the Dallas County sheriff's office are now investigating the case.

Officer Oliver is expected to appeal his termination. Oliver fired an unknown number of rounds from a rifle into the moving vehicle, striking 15-year-old Jordan Edwards. While speaking with the individuals inside and attempting to locate the homeowners, the officers heard the sound of gunfire outside, which turned the party into a "chaotic scene", the department said. The family has called for murder charges to be brought against Oliver. "The officers who extended this nightmare for those children ought to be properly reprimanded". The attorney said Jordan's older brother, 16, was detained by police overnight but not given a reason or charged, and was not informed police had killed his brother until being released.

"Our family is working hard to deal with both the loss of our beloved Jordan and the lingering trauma it has caused our boys", the family statement said.

His funeral is scheduled for Saturday morning. "That was exclusively on me".

"You have my assurances my department will continue to be responsive, transparent and accountable".

"After you've seen the scenario play out over and over, you're always building up this hope, and it seems like you're cut off right before you get to the promised land", Crockett said.

"The bond that he shared with his family, particularly his siblings, was indescribable", the Edwards family said in their statement. "Their young lives will be forever altered".

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