Published: Sat, May 06, 2017
Entertaiment | By Simon Arnold

'Veep' stars respond to Australian injured while laughing

'Veep' stars respond to Australian injured while laughing

The "Veep" cast reacted after reports broke that Australian MP Graham Perrett was eating sushi while watching an episode of the show on Sunday night, choked on his food, and knocked himself unconscious.

As reported in the Australian's Strewth column on Thursday, he incurred a black eye and required three stitches as a result of his unfortunate "intersection of comedy, dinner and a kitchen bench".

Perrett was chowing down on sushi during a scene where congressman - or, as Selina Meyer calls him, "Jolly Green Jizz Face" - Jonah Ryan gets caught by frenemy Dan Egan shaving his head to trick people into thinking he still has cancer. "But the real question is - what episode".

"My wife walked in to find me knocked unconscious on the ground, with blood everywhere", he said.

"I must have been out for only a few seconds because, when I came to again, I was still laughing at Jonah". Where Jonah has the close shave.

Asked about the incident on Twitter by Julia Loiuse-Dreyfus, who stars in Veep, he said he had been watching episode one of the new series, describing it as "pure gold".

There's no such thing as being too amusing in the comedy business - unless you're a TV show that makes someone laugh so hard they knock themselves out.

"Take good care of yourself and for God's sake - be careful!" she wrote.

@KateAurthur @MarkDiStef hahahahahahaha oh my god.

The Emmy-winning show's star, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, was one of the people who reacted with sympathy to the freaky story when it went viral, which Perrett personally loved.

Veep, created by Armando Iannucci, is in its sixth season on Sky Atlantic.

Queensland Labor politician Graham Perrett (pictured) had a nasty fall while laughing at the American political comedy Veep.

I would like to make an official statement on behalf of Veep and the United States.

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