Published: Mon, May 29, 2017
Sports | By Phillip Butler

Warriors listed as favorites to win NBA Finals

He's scheduled to make just $6.3 million during the 2017-18 season, be a salary less than what the Celtics will pay the No. 1 overall pick ($7 million at 120 percent of the rookie scale).

"[Surgery is] not the No. 1 option right now, but it could be once the swelling goes down", Thomas said Friday while addressing reporters at Boston's exit interviews.

"We need the best possible player that's gonna help us win, and I'm with that", Thomas said. "Anything Danny and this organization need me to do to help bring even more talent to this city, I'm all for that". "I think when you play better, you feel better and you just kind of stay the course".For whatever reason, James was not his usual aggressive self down the stretch but somehow saw a positive in what is a stunning chain of events. "I'm glad we prevailed, but they tested us every step of the way".

After playing three halves against the Cavaliers, the Celtics said Thomas was done for the season.

"No, that time will come", said Thomas.

"If some kid or a group of kids from the West Coast or the East Coast or the Midwest or the South and everything in between, all around the world can look at me and say, 'Well, I made the extra pass because LeBron made the extra pass, ' or, 'I got a chase-down block and I didn't give up on the play because LeBron didn't give up, ' that would mean the world to me".

"They know how my body is, they know how hard I work", he said. So whatever happens this summer with contracts, it happens. "We knew it wouldn't be easy, but we got some things we can correct and come back ready to go on Tuesday (in Game 4)".

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors have loaded rosters.

Thomas and his bosses are committed to allowing him to take his time to help it shine more than anywhere else in the National Basketball Association. "I'd love to be here long-term and win championships here".

He added, "if it don't happen, I'm the last person to be bothered by that".

James elected not to talk about the Warriors following the game, choosing instead to celebrate a third straight conference title in Cleveland and his seventh consecutive Finals trip. With Thomas set to hit the open market in 2018, he's in line for a huge payday, only if Ainge agrees. This level of play indicates he will get a significant raise by the time he reaches free agency. Both players could command big-money deals at that point.

"Boston's changed my career, changed my life", he said.

James said at a summer basketball camp a year ago that he found motivation in "this ghost I'm chasing - the ghost played in Chicago". I think you've found two great teams. And I know that. And I know that, I understand that. "This has been everything to me".

Avery Bradley, PG, Boston-Bradley and the Celtics went down fighting, even managing to take a win in the 4-1 series loss to the Cavs. "Always been close to Mike and I like Mike a lot, respect him a lot".

"It's a little different, definitely". Like it hurt me. Not worry about what it says in Vegas or what people are saying about underdogs. But it is what it is.

OAKLAND If you could script the first NBA Finals trilogy in history - which is what the Warriors and Cavaliers have now created - you'd probably want it to include the best player of the era right around the exact moment in time that he's generating reasonable 'best player ever...?' buzz. Game 3 and we nearly had Game 4, I was at home cheering and getting even more hyped, jumping up.

So don't get stressed out reading and dissecting every little stat people like me say about this series, National Basketball Association fans.

The gap between these teams and the other playoff qualifiers was wider than we anticipated.

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