Published: Mon, June 26, 2017
Local | By Adrian Hale

Amateur "Ham" Radio Operators Show How Important They Are During Emergencies


In addition to amateur radio as a means of emergency communication, Field Day is also an opportunity for enthusiasts to reach out to others across the country.

There are about 25 members in the Lawrence County club.

Those interested in becoming a certified ham radio operator can visit the Rockford Amateur Radio Association page here.

"(The event) is a way for amateur radio operators to dial in their skills as far as (participating in) an emergency set up station", said Field Day chair Chris Sheridan.

One thing I learnt was that FM receivers don't need an AGC, since the volume of a signal is related to how much it deviates from the central signal, not how much signal there is, which is why the microphone gain setting on your radio determines the volume, not the level of power.

Amateur Radio is growing in the US. "Ham radio is for making friends". In order for a contact to be made there must be an exchange of information between operators.

Josuweit says the operators serve at the call of local, state, and federal officials and routinely are called out in times of storms, flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

Czaikowski said he's been a ham for 54 years and he sees more people becoming hams than 50 years ago.

"No one really knows why we're called hams, but one theory is that operators like talking - like show business hams - you know, hamming it up", he said.

"I've had my license since I was 13", said Beth Kistler, 30, an Olney middle school teacher, and Christovich's daughter, who was assisting with the event that is open to the public and ends at 2 p.m. Sunday.

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