Published: Sat, June 10, 2017
IT | By Jonathon Greene

Apple CEO Tim Cook to address 2017 graduates at MIT

Apple CEO Tim Cook to address 2017 graduates at MIT

"And in a moment of youthful indiscretion, I might even have experimented with a Windows PC". "We both love hard problems, we love to search for new ideas, and we especially love finding these ideas - the ones that change the world", Cook said.

He said: "Whatever we do at Apple, we must infuse it with the humanity that we are born with".

Though the road ahead is fraught, Cook said he is "optimistic, because I believe in your generation, your passion, your journey". The Pope sized up technology's growing importance as being a double-edged sword, Cook said. However, UK Prime Minister Theresa May, who is linking technology companies to the latest wave of attacks, may not take these updates kindly. "Threats to security, privacy, fake news and social media that becomes anti-social".

"Technology alone isn't the solution. I want to reassure you that today's developments will have no impact on Apple's efforts to protect the environment", he said in an email to staffers.

He marveled at the "big ideas" that have already come out of MIT, including trademark student hacks.

Cook mentioned some of the "pretty great ones" from previous years, including sending the Mars rover to the Kresge Oval and when they put a propellor beanie on the school's Great Dome, or how they have, most recently, "taken over the president's Twitter account". "I can tell college students are behind it because most of the tweets have been at 3 a.m". The list of planned attendees include Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook, Microsoft Corp CEO Satya Nadella, Inc CEO Jeff Bezos, Oracle Co-CEO Safra Catz and International Business Machines Corp CEO Ginni Rometty, the people said.

"Before that moment, I had never met a leader with such passion or uncounted a company with such a clear and compelling goal to serve humanity" Cook said of Jobs and Apple. As examples, he cited iPhone technology that can help a blind athlete run a marathon and an iPad that connects an autistic child to the world around them.

"Don't let that noise knock you off off course", said Cook.

Another tech luminary that recently delivered a commencement address was Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who returned last month to Harvard where he launched Facebook and then dropped out, telling graduates it's up to them to bring goal to the world, fight inequality and strengthen the global community.

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