Published: Mon, June 12, 2017
Entertaiment | By Simon Arnold

'I was frozen as Cosby assaulted me'

Constand wrapped up her testimony at 3 p.m. Wednesday after hours of being aggressively questioned about the calls - as well as other matters -by Cosby defense attorney Angela Agrusa during her second day on the witness stand. He said, 'I feel bad telling you this. "He made a pass at me".

But much of the damage inflicted by Agrusa's interrogation unraveled in minutes once Assistant District Attorney Kristen Feden had the chance to question her witness again. Agrusa asked in her cross-examination.

"No", Constand fired back. "Mr. Cosby did that of his own volition".

Just a day earlier, Constand had spoken publicly for the first time about the night she says Cosby drugged her with three blue pills at his Cheltenham residence and took advantage of her when she passed out. And in Cosby's case, over 60 women have come forward and only now, in 2017, is the actor standing trial for a single accusation out of that bunch.

"I wish I had recorded the first call", Gianna Constand regretfully told Montgomery County D.A. Kevin Steele, the jury and onlookers in the Norristown, PA courtroom Wednesday afternoon.

Later, in an attempt to establish a romantic past, Agrusa highlighted Constand's account of a fireside dinner at Cosby's home with brandy and wine, in which she told police he placed his hand on her thigh. She says Cosby fondled her breasts and genitals after drugging her at his suburban Philadelphia home in January 2004. Andrea Constand was on the call too but hung up after Cosby offered his apology of sorts.

The elder Constand in particular jolted the courtroom, especially when she discussed a conversation in which Cosby conceded that "it sounds like I'm a perverted person".

The lawyer focused on about half a dozen calls of varying duration to Cosby's home in NY over a particular 24-hour period. "Morning, noon and night".

At the time, Constand was director of operations for the women's basketball team at Temple University in Philadelphia and Cosby was on the school's Board of Trustees, so she felt compelled to call him back, she testified.

It is unclear at this point if WIlliams and Constand were dating. Cosby was criminally charged in 2015. Those statements included Constand's claim that she had never been alone with Cosby before.

"I was shocked by what she had said".

During breaks, the defendant - who maintains that he is legally blind - appeared upbeat and exchanged pleasantries with the aide accompanying him. Constand kept clarifying that, in her view, it was "suggestive contact". But Constand perhaps blunted the attack by saying she got confused and initially thought the episode happened in March 2004. She was embarrassed to even tell me.

Constand's initial statement to Canadian police on January 13 alleged that the assault at Cosby's home happened after they had gone to dinner on March 16 with representatives of Philadelphia's Central High School. "There was a nice mood".

Her statement contradicted Cosby's testimony in a deposition for a 2005 civil lawsuit Constand filed against Cosby that he had "a romantic interest" in her from the moment he saw her.

"I recalled as best I could", Constand said.

Agrusa grilled Constand on phone calls she made to a half-dozen lawyers, starting on the same day she reported the incident to police, in an effort to show Constand was after Cosby's money.

The attorney noted that Constand called former co-workers from Temple University in 2005 to get those phone records. She said the calls mostly involved the basketball team.

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