Published: Thu, June 22, 2017
Sports | By Phillip Butler

NHL and adidas Unveil New Uniforms for 2017-18 Season

The Minnesota Wild will have a new look for the 2017-18 season.

The NHL switched their jersey providers from Reebok to Addidas for the 2017-18 season and other teams have some variations. The jerseys are actually not that bad, and thanks to the red stripe, they differ enough from the exact same color scheme as West Point's athletic teams.

What do you think of the new threads?

The new uniform features the Colorado-inspired "C" mark on the shoulders as a reference to the franchise's home state flag, and the number system is influenced by the original font but provides a clearer arena and broadcast experience.

The big National Hockey League jersey reveal Tuesday night wasn't a major change for the Sabres.

They reduce the crest weight by 46 percent, have better breath-ability, and are more durable.

Adidas, which took over from Reebok after 10 years, has redesigned all 31 jerseys - both home and away versions.

Stronger Constructed for durability, the ADIZERO Authentic NHL jersey fabrics are up to 27 percent stronger in burst testing and up to 72 percent tougher in abrasion testing compared to the current NHL jersey. "To play at their highest levels, the game's greatest players require the best technology and design available, and these adidas jerseys set a new benchmark for performance gear".

A press release at describes in detail the technology that Adidas used to make the new jerseys lighter, cooler, and more durable for players.

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