Published: Sat, July 22, 2017
Finance | By Kristine Clayton

Alexa is arriving to Amazon's Android shopping app

Alexa is arriving to Amazon's Android shopping app

The events, run by Amazon and sponsored by Intel, will teach developers through hands-on learning experience focused on building skills in programming for Alexa devices to create everything from smart home apps to games.

Echo device owners began seeing notifications from Amazon noting the feature rollout, and the company confirmed toTechCrunch today that the feature is indeed coming this week.

Amazon already offers a separate Alexa app, which has about 5 million downloads on Google's Play Store, but the shopping service's flagship app now sits somewhere between 100 and 500 million.

Yesterday one Twitter user received a pop-up when opening his Amazon shopping app for Android. It does seem odd for the Alexa feature to be integrated with the Amazon shopping application given that Amazon has a standalone Alexa app already.

For the unaware, the company had already made Alexa available for iPhone in March, i.e., a few months ago.

The Amazon app has previously featured basic voice commands for adding items to your cart, searching for products throughout Amazon, and tracking previous orders.

GraphIQ pulled back its service offerings and announced in June that it would no longer support publishers, presumably to refocus its efforts on Amazon-related ventures. It, however, did confirm Alexa's arrival on Android to TechCrunch. It brought Alexa to a wider audience by integrating the assistant into its main shopping app. "Go out and buy an Echo device to take advantage of Alexa even further".

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