Published: Wed, July 26, 2017
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'American Horror Story: Cult': Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters' Characters Revealed

'American Horror Story: Cult': Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters' Characters Revealed

"Suddenly... it will all make sense", series creator Ryan Murphy had teased about the announcement of the title. According to #The Hollywood Reporter, it will have 11 episodes.

During San Diego's Comic Con event, arrivals were able to view a sneak preview of the Season 7 trailer and more importantly, the season title!

Fans and onlookers were urged to visit the show's website at, wherein the title was disclosed after watching another video.

Murphy also revealed last week that the upcoming "American Horror Story" season was to be the "heaviest season yet" for Peters.

What else can fans look forward to?

Both Paulson and Peters had shared their excitement when finding out about the season-seven election theme, saying the mystery is half the fun of the show.

In terms of the storyline itself, Murphy had previously confirmed that the season would focus on the presidential election, and while Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton could appear in some capacity they won't be the main attraction. The Hollywood Reporter added that the president and his former rival, will only be seen "on television", meaning they will not be played by any of the cast members. This included some photos of monsters, also hinting at John Carroll Lynch's Twisty the clown's return, from the fourth season's "Freakshow". Newcomers to "Cult" include Lena Dunham (for a cameo), Billie Lourd, Colton Haynes, and Billy Eichner. While the co-stars have stepped into many roles over the course of the franchise - Paulson has played seven, with two of characters making cameos on subsequent seasons, and Peters, six - the two had never been linked up romantically until Roanoke.

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