Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
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Trump's Approval Ratings Drop to 36 Percent, Poll Shows

Trump's Approval Ratings Drop to 36 Percent, Poll Shows

So within the space of 140 characters, he claims the poll-takers are notoriously inaccurate, while inaccurately claiming a score of "almost 40 percent", but then saying that score isn't actually all that bad for the six month mark, despite all of the evidence we just listed out proving the opposite.

According to the survey, 63 percent say it was inappropriate for Donald Trump Jr to have met with a Russian lawyer during the presidential campaign past year.

The poll also found that 48 percent of the country thinks America is weaker since Trump took power in January, with only 27 percent believing it to be stronger, Newsweek said.

Sixty-three percent in this poll, produced for ABC News by Langer Research Associates, say it was inappropriate for Trump's son, son-in-law and campaign manager to have met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign. Trump has become the most unpopular US President in last 70 years of the US history.

Gallup did not ask the personality and issue items consistently during the Bush or Obama administrations, but the 33% in the July survey who said Trump has the personality and leadership qualities a president should is far below any other single measurement in its trend.

Trump's approval rating on the economy, in contrast to his overall rating, is about one-to-one, with 43 per cent giving him positive marks and 41 per cent giving him negative ratings.

Donald Trump may have just attempted his most audacious use of alternative facts to date.

Obama's worst approval rating was 40 percent, which was recorded during his sixth year in the White House.

Figures showed that the last USA president as unpopular at the same mark was Gerald Ford, with a 39 per cent of approval rating in February, 1975. But it's got little to do with President Trump.

In addition, 38 percent of those surveyed said Trump has not made significant progress toward his goals, with 55 percent thinking otherwise.

His failed election promise to "immediately" repeal and replace Obamacare has also hurt Mr Trump, with 50 per cent of Americans indicating they prefer the current health care law over the Republican replacement. "They want another resurrected Russian Cold War, because they can feed on it", he said.

The poll also offers a look at the perception of the Democratic party. Specific to county type: 342 adults were surveyed in "flip" counties with a 5.3 margin or error, while just 258 adults were polled in "surge" counties with a 6.1 percentage margin of error.

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