Published: Tue, July 04, 2017
IT | By Jonathon Greene

WhatsApp lets you search for emoji and customize font type easily

WhatsApp lets you search for emoji and customize font type easily

WhatsApp, which is the world's leading messaging app with over 1 billion users of which over 200 million are in India alone, has been steadily adding nifty features to the app to make it more useful.

The first feature we are talking about is the text selection toolbar actions to change the font. Users could choose to bold, strikethrough or italicize text and later on, the tech giant also introduced a fixedsys monospace font.

HINT: From the same menu, you also have a share button if you wish to share the text. Now, you will just need to long press the text that you want to modify the font and just convert it to italics, bold or underscore.

WhatsApp lets you search for emoji and customize font type easily
[APK Download] WhatsApp 2.17.252 Beta Released; Includes Emoji

The latest update is WhatsApp 2.17.252 beta that is being made available to the beta testers to try the new features. The feature allowed the users to stream the video, without having to wait for it to download upfront, while the video also got downloaded in the background. In other words, when you go to the emoji keyword, you will notice a search option at the bottom.

Given the ease of finding the ideal emojis to use in a conversation, you'll probably find yourself using new emojis rather than sticking to the usual that are easy to find. You've probably heard of this feature, but this one is way different from what you already know about Night Mode. On Android mobiles, WhatsApp has added new features to make it easier to the users. WhatApp is a chatting platform, and it used to work on improving the features in the chatting platform. This is to note that the update will make it to the Android ecosystem shortly after it is released for the iOS users. Unlike the other two features, this Night Mode is still in beta and as such, you must be using the beta version in order to enjoy it on your phone.

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