Published: Sat, August 26, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Attackers storm Shiite mosque in Kabul in latest apparent militant strike

Attackers storm Shiite mosque in Kabul in latest apparent militant strike

More than 10 ambulances were at the scene to take the wounded to local hospitals.

The Ministry of the Interior said two police officers were killed at the gate of the compound and two others wounded.

The Islamic State group claimed the attack while the assault was still under way, the latest to target Afghanistan's minority Shiites. People at the site told TOLO that many were injured in the assault and were taken to a medical facility. "Half of the mosque was full of worshipers - women upstairs and men downstairs, hundreds of men and women", he said, pacing barefoot.

The attack on Imam Zaman Mosque in Kabul's PD11 continued for five hours.

Earlier this month 33 worshippers were killed and 66 wounded in a suicide attack claimed by ISIL on a Shiite mosque in the western Afghan city of Herat.

No group has yet claimed responsibility, according to Reuters.

One witness, Sayed Pacha, said four attackers had entered the mosque.

While the fierce gun battle was underway, another explosion occurred close to Imam Zaman Mosque.

This is not the first attack on sacred places in the country.

A police official, Mohammed Jamil, said that Afghan security forces had surrounded the mosque but are not advancing or pushing into it to avoid actions that could lead to more casualties.

Provincial police chief's spokesman, Zia Durrani, says the security forces repulsed the Taliban attack with the help of air support from the Afghan air force.

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