Published: Thu, August 24, 2017
IT | By Jonathon Greene

Battle-Cars coming to Rocket League as a Nintendo Switch Exclusive

Battle-Cars coming to Rocket League as a Nintendo Switch Exclusive

It was already guaranteed that I'd be buying Rocket League on Switch, but I guess Nintendo wanted to make sure. Boasting a community of more than 35 million players, Rocket League is a high-powered hybrid of arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem with easy-to-understand controls and fluid, physics-driven competition.

Unlockable for free when the game launches, you'll be able to duke it out in a Mario NSR, a Luigi NSR and a auto styled after Samus' Gunship from the Metroid games. Players will still need to complete certain in-game goals to get them but there will be no paywall outside of purchasing the game. Today Psyonix revealed three battlecars that will be available only in the Switch version, with themed vehicles for Mario, Luigi, and Samus' Gunship.

For the curious, team color decides which version of the new Battle-Cars appear on the pitch. If you're on the orange team you can use the Mario NSR and Samus' Gunship, and if you're on the blue team you can use Luigi NSR and a Samus colour variation of her Varia Suit. You can check them out in the trailer above. And finally, a Metroid vehicle, called Samus' Gunship, will also make its way to the Switch version with a "Wave Beam" trail. Each of the aforementioned cars will be coming this holiday 2017.

Rocket League on Switch will have crossplay with the Xbox One and Steam versions and will launch later this year.

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