Published: Wed, August 16, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Chinese media calls India a bully, says it controls Bhutan, Nepal

Chinese media calls India a bully, says it controls Bhutan, Nepal

While the Union defence ministry and army sources refused to comment, this newspaper has learnt that troop mobilisation has slowed down considerably in a bid to de-escalate the tense situation.

Soldiers from the two countries are already locked in a bitter but non-violent standoff in Doklam, an area disputed between China and India's ally Bhutan, where New Delhi sent its soldiers in June to stop China from constructing a strategic road.

Indian and Chinese soldiers have been engaged in a standoff in Doklam for over a months now.

The United States has called on India and China to sit down and have a direct dialogue to resolve their issues. Indian forces are now armed with high-speed interceptor boats, bought from the United States, which are equipped with radars, infra-red and GPS systems.

According to officials, soldiers from both the side have suffered minor injuries due to the stone pelting. "Beijing doesn't control any country like India controls Bhutan", it added. An article in the Global Times today criticised India's decision to impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese products, warning India should be prepared for the "possible consequences for its ill-considered action".

China today announced Dollars 1 million (INR 6.4 crore) assistance to flood-hit Nepal as the country's Vice Premier Wang Yang held talks with his Nepalese counterpart on ways to enhance bilateral ties. "India must immediately and unconditionally withdraw all its trespassing troops and equipment back to the Indian side of the border", the office said in a statement.

Ms Nauert was responding to questions on the skirmish between Indian and Chinese soldiers in Ladakh and the continued standoff in Doklam area. With a Major-General level meeting by the Indian and Chinese armies on Friday last yielding no conclusive result, the face-off threatens to continue.

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