Published: Wed, August 30, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Dogs Sent From Texas To New Jersey Following Hurricane

Dogs Sent From Texas To New Jersey Following Hurricane

Moving the pets out of the Texas shelters will make way for animals displaced by the storm so they can stay close to their owners, said Miller, director of marketing and events at St. Hubert's.

This dog chained to a telephone pole in Victoria, Texas, lucked out: a reporter spotted the animal and brought it to safety, according to the Daily Mail. And even when owners do their best to take their animals with them, there can be additional hardships because shelters typically don't allow pets. Unlike during Katrina, first responders understand the power of the human-animal bond, and know that saving the animals is part of their responsibility now, too.

"Shelters in the vicinity where the hurricane is happening really need space to take in those animals", Hill said. "Our hearts are with the people and animals of Texas during this hard time".

Community's help neededAs Pets Alive welcomes the new dogs, they will need help from the community.

The staff said people have reached out to them to see about taking in additional animals.

As waters continue to rise as Hurricane Harvey wreaks havoc on south eastern Texas, citizens all over are stepping up to not only help each other but also animals in need.

Norwood is with the city of San Antonio Animal Care Services, where they are crating up sheltered dogs and cats and sending them to cities across the country to make room for pets separated from their owners during Hurricane Harvey. Last year, supporters like you helped our team rescue animals in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after historic flooding there drove thousands from their homes.

At Holidog, we aim to improve the lives of your furry friends.

The Pet Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act requires the Federal Emergency Management Agency to ensure state and local emergency preparedness and evacuation plans include provisions for the care and shelter of pets. Many of those animals now abandoned, lost or homeless, as major storms can be especially cruel to animals.

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