Published: Tue, August 08, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Pro-Trump pundit Kayleigh McEnany goes from CNN to RNC

Pro-Trump pundit Kayleigh McEnany goes from CNN to RNC

That's why they went and got McEnany, I assume: For all the grumbling Trump does about CNN being "fake news", they wanted to leverage McEnany's association with the network to give their own broadcast a bit more "real news" credibility.

McEnany on Saturday announced her departure from CNN, where she was a pro-Trump commentator, and appeared the next day in a video tweeted by the "official Team Trump account".

CNN's Brian Stelter also confirmed on Monday that the RNC was sponsoring the McEnany's broadcast from Trump tower. She left the network this weekend, a source with knowledge of the situation told NBC News, asking to leave in order to pursue another opportunity.

McEnany concluded the report, "And that is the real news".

Her first video, which was posted on Sunday, cited several pieces of positive news, most of which had to do with the economy. In the video, McEnany is positioned in front of a blue backdrop with the "Trump Pence" logo,, and white stars. McEnany stated in the 90 second piece that Trump is clearly steering the country's economy in the right direction.

"On Wednesday, the president introduced the RAISE act", she continued. "Don't put out like for instance, crossing state lines, allowing insurance companies to cross state lines", she said.

Colbert: After Lara Trump's effort, Colbert labeled the video series "state-sponsored propaganda", reports Time.

My hunch is that it's a byproduct of Trump's complaints about "fake news".

The president also signed major legislation last week slapping sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea - although Trump blasted parts of it as unconstitutional.

According to the facebook post, the clip was paid for by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

"Wow. Feels eerily like so many state-owned channels I've watched in other countries", wrote former U.S. ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul.

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