Published: Sat, August 19, 2017
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Start your binging: Marvel's "The Defenders" now streaming on Netflix

Start your binging: Marvel's

It's a superhero show after all. Now in Phnom Penh, Cambodia fighting members of The Hand, a dying man who has been attacked by one of the group's assassins tells Rand that his fight is not there, but in New York City.

Weaver plays Alexandra, who's the kind of villain who says she wants to bring life but, according to Luke Cage, sure does kill a lot of people. So they're going to try to make a difference where they can and it's like "they're so talented, if they came to work for me they could really get somewhere".

In the build-up to The Defenders' release, Netflix has treated fans to numerous Defenders trailers and a handful of Defenders clips (including one particularly tantalizing scene, which teases Misty Knight and Colleen Wing meeting up to become The Daughters Of Dragon).

What is "The Defenders" about? The stakes always seem the same in these sort of superhero movies: The Hand, huge shady organisation that secretly controls the world #3, is here to blow up NY, on the scale of Chernobyl and Pompeii. Ultimately, it's about these forces coming together so there's more to her but I honestly haven't seen the shows so I don't really know how much you get to see.

It gives her a degree of sympathy, but we soon learn she heads a powerful criminal organization. He was sent to prison years ago for a crime he didn't commit. For Kilgrave, it was all about facial hair and to make him look evil we made a decision to keep some stubble. It ended up creating a man full of super strength who has almost impenetrable skin.

Also on Alexandra's trail is Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist, who realizes that she is connected to some of his father's company's previous shady financial dealings.

While two of the four are somewhat fresh faces, the other two have starred in several TV series and movies.

These four heroes will team up with a few common denominators between them. You can watch the series live online here at 12.01 am PT.

Marvel and Netflix have found quite a bit of success with their joint endeavors such as Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. In addition to that, there's lawyer Jeri Hogarth and mysterious Chaste leader Stick.

"All the things that I've done... memories, they never hurt me", Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle intones over video of his character demolishing a cement floor with a sledgehammer. The constant influx of new material to digest meant there just wasn't enough time to build up the appetite for the main course.

Marvel's The Defenders graces our Netflix screens on August 18, and it's a culmination of four television shows and five seasons worth of storylines.

The Defenders have just added eight Netflix-episodes worth of content to the over arching Marvel Cinematic Universe, adding about seven hours worth of expansion to the world.

COX: "When you come to this having not had any real experience with these characters or these comics, you have to look at it from a slightly different angle: Maybe bringing fresh eyes to it will be beneficial".

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