Published: Fri, August 04, 2017
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Total solar eclipse viewing party planned in Palmyra

Total solar eclipse viewing party planned in Palmyra

Cleverly, the solid crescent shape is accented with negative space removed from the "L" in and circle above, creating the illusion of a complete circle and a reference to the fact solar eclipses are formed by the moon blocking the sun. Teachers can learn if their schools are in the path of totality, exactly what time it will happen in their area, and what their students can expect to see. "It's not an especially wide path of totality, but it crosses the USA and no other country".

The district sees the eclipse as a historic event.

You can join the party on August 21 from 1 to 3 the Palmyra Cove Nature Park Environmental Discovery Center, Route 73, for the opportunity to view one of nature's most stunning displays.

The library received a grant through the STAR Library Education Network (funded in part by NASA) for free eclipse glasses in exchange for planning eclipse-related events.

You must be in the path of totality to witness a total solar eclipse.

The experts say we need those special filter glasses or hand-held devices to view even a partial eclipse. Tennessee Nashville hasn't had a total solar eclipse since July 29, 1478. Here are video instructions from NASA. The path of totality will start in OR before making its way across the country; it will cut through 14 states in total, finally finishing up in SC.

NASA anticipates the total solar eclipse to last longest near Carbondale, Illinois, about 100 miles southeast of St. Louis, where the sun will be completely blocked for about 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

Google has already partnered with others, like the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and NASA, to bring two million pairs of eclipse glasses to around 4,800 local libraries in the country.

It's no secret that Google has teamed up with a number of organizations, including the Gordon and Betty Moore foundation, SSI, the National Science Foundation and NASA, to distribute 2 million of these solar-viewing glasses to nearly 5,000 libraries throughout the country.

Not be used if they are older than three years, or have scratched or wrinkled lenses. The American Astronomical Society released a list of reputable vendors of solar filters and viewers. Use this as the screen and set up your camera to photograph or record continuous video of this screen as the crescent of the solar surface disappears at the start of the eclipse and re-appears at the end of the eclipse. One of the flaps, you'll cover with aluminum foil.

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