Published: Sun, August 27, 2017
IT | By Jonathon Greene

Worldwide Facebook outages reported

Worldwide Facebook outages reported

While another added: "People coming to Twitter to complain about Instagram and Facebook being down".

Some parties only had momentary outages and others weren't using Facebook anymore, so they were fine.

Some could access the site but were unable to load certain pages, upload pictures, like posts, or send messages., a site that monitors online outages, reported more than 2,500 users having an issue with Facebook.

Facebook on Saturday went down with thousands of users reporting they can not access the popular social media site.

Users got a message that the website was undergoing maintenance.

Some Instagram users also reported issues which appeared to be resolved for many users.

Facebook is down - and we don't want to over-react, but it is definitely time to panic. "If Twitter has a meltdown and crashes, where do we go???"

If you woke up Saturday and jumped on to your computer or phone to check out what's happening on Facebook, you may have had some trouble.

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