Published: Fri, September 08, 2017
Sports | By Phillip Butler

Cavs set to introduce Thomas, Crowder, Zizic on Thursday

Cavs set to introduce Thomas, Crowder, Zizic on Thursday

Isaiah Thomas penned an entry in The Players' Tribune on Wednesday, reflecting on the blockbuster trade that sent him to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Kyrie Irving.

Coach Tyronn Lue said that Thomas would not start the season and declared Derrick Rose as the team's primary point guard with Jose Calderon backing him up in Thomas' absence.

Danny Ainge has made no secret about how hard it was for him to tell Isaiah Thomas that he had been traded to Cleveland in a deal that centered around Boston acquiring four-time all-star Kyrie Irving.

Thomas touched on several subjects - the time he played immediately in the postseason after his sister Chyna died, his arrival and years in Beantown when the Celtics were rebuilding and irrelevant, and the idea of playing with LeBron James. "'I just traded you.' Simple as that". I was thankful to Boston for everything they've done for me and for trading me to a team like this. When you talk about a part of the body such as your hip, it plays a huge role in your mobility and jumping ability. This is going to be a great year to be a Cavs fan, a great year.

What still stings, Thomas writes, is that after a "good luck" text from Boston sports legend and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Thomas won't be able to leave a lasting legacy on the city of Boston like he planned.

From a basketball perspective, me on the Cavs is a match made in heaven. Best of luck. You're gonna do great. "And I won't lie - it still hurts", Thomas wrote.

The video then shows Thomas in the weight room before transitioning to him taking shots in an empty gym wearing Cleveland Cavaliers gear.

"I just realized, in that moment, that I didn't need the court to shield me".

It is not known when Thomas will return this season, but when he does, he is ready to tear it up!

Suddenly, just for doing business on his end, and doing right by himself, he was portrayed as this bad guy. Who knows, maybe they can convince James to stay by adding another star to the roster.

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