Published: Fri, September 01, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Fairfax rescuers helping Texas flood victims

Fairfax rescuers helping Texas flood victims

An elite urban rescue team from Miami-Dade is heading to Houston to help with search missions through areas flooded by Harvey.

The CSFD has been a participating agency of CO-TF1 since 2013, with 15 members on the team filling a variety of specialties, which include: rescue, hazardous materials, medical, and logistics.

"Despite the best efforts and intentions of the local authorities in many of these cases, they become overwhelmed. It makes us very proud as Vermonters when we see people like yourself for action", Scott said at the Colchester Rescue station where the task force is based.

Republican Gov. Sam Brownback issued an executive order Wednesday waiving some fees and regulations for commercial vehicles traveling to Texas to help with relief.

Lt. Col. Travis Walters, public affairs officer for the Texas Military Department, said, "We are beginning as more resources pour in to do more methodical search and clear operations".

The team among five others in North Carolina will head to Texas on Thursday.

Ryan said Tuesday the team was initially diverted by federal authorities to San Antonio for staging until a decision could be made on where to send them. "We needed assistance and got help, and now we're offering it", Herrick said.

The state of Texas has requested that volunteers do not self-deploy, because people unexpectedly showing up in impacted communities will create an added burden for working first responders, according to Fairfax County, which published a guide to helping Harvey survivors on its government website.

North Carolina has 30 highly-trained swift water rescue teams.

"These men and women will be going out up to 12 hours a day at least, and they need the hydration, they need the meals, they need to snacks and that's what we're going to do", said Scott Lamaster, Founder of Taking it to The Streets.

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