Published: Tue, September 26, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Iran defies USA, tests missile

Iran defies USA, tests missile

Fitzpatrick stressed it would be a good idea to extend the Iran nuclear deal to include ballistic missiles.

Though Iran has long boasted of having missiles in the same range in its arsenal, it was the first time that the Khorramshahr missile was displayed in public.

Last month, Mr. Trump signed a bill imposing penalties on those involved in Iran's ballistic missile program and anyone who does business with them.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani said during the parade that Tehran will continue its missile program and boost the country's military capacities, despite U.S. President Donald Trump's demand that Iran stop developing "dangerous missiles".

"We will strengthen our missile capabilities", Rouhani said Friday in a speech broadcast on state television, according to Reuters.

The Trump administration has pointed to a succession of Iranian ballistic missile tests over recent years as violations of the spirit, if not the actual provisions, of the 2015 nuclear moratorium deal.

Trump told the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday that Iran was strengthening its weapons capability and charged that Tehran was exporting violence to Yemen, Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

The Khorramshahr missile test took place Saturday; Iran state media said it could carry several warheads.

Rouhani was quoted by Press TV as saying during the military parade on Friday: "We will promote our defensive and military power as much as we deem necessary".

Rouhani said that his country would not seek permission to "defend" itself in defiance of threats from US President Donald Trump.

Tehran has always argued the tests are exclusively for protective reasons plus notes Security Councils-measure merely pertains to missiles created specifically to transport atomic war-heads.

Duff said to Fox News Business: "Iran has adhered to the specifics of the deal, but they don't need to do nuclear research themselves since the North Koreans are doing it for them".

Washington has called on Tehran not to get involved in activities linked to nuclear missiles.

"Trump's fake empathy for Iranians rings ever more hollow, with his new and even more offensive travel ban against such outstanding citizens", Tweeted Zarif.

The comment refers to an agreement made by the then US President Barack Obama in 2015, along with the UK, France, Russia, China, Germany and the European Union in which Iran agreed to give up the means to make nuclear weapons.

Tehran insists its missile program doesn't the resolution, saying the missiles are not created to carry nuclear weapons.

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