Published: Sun, September 24, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Lavrov on Trump, North Korea: 'We Have to Calm Down the Hotheads'

Lavrov on Trump, North Korea: 'We Have to Calm Down the Hotheads'

After meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday, Lavrov said that the US side had admitted the need to eliminate Jabhat al-Nusra.

The nuclear accord, signed by Russian Federation, the United States, Germany, China, Iran, and Britain, was originally negotiated during former U.S. President Barack Obama's second term in office.

The West will have to scrap its sanctions against Moscow because life itself will make it do it, Russia's top diplomat said on the sidelines of the 72nd UN General Assembly in NY on Friday.

Lavrov blamed Obama for the collapse in relations between Moscow and Washington.

"I can't say I've heard statements that the West will stop playing its sanctions games and will stop ignoring the interests of our mutual cooperation, no, I wouldn't say that", Sergei Lavrov said. "However, no fact has been presented", Lavrov said, adding that there was also no presented evidence of the alleged Russian meddling in the elections in France and Germany. He said it was an "embarrassment to the U.S". "Why? Because legislators who find it important not to solve issues in different parts of the world, and not to develop beneficial relations with Russian Federation". "It's simply unacceptable to sit back and look at nuclear military gambles of North Korea", but so, too, is it "unacceptable to start war on the peninsula".

Lavrov's comments come as Mueller's investigation appears to be entering an important stage, with investigators requesting documents and emails from the White House, suggesting that parts of Mueller's investigation are focusing on President Donald Trump's own actions.

Lavrov was asked whether he saw a link between the crisis in North Korea and Trump's threat to pull out of the 2015 agreement to cap Iran's nuclear program. "Opening up this plan for negotiations basically would be disregarding this agreement".

"No country conducts a nuclear test in border areas, but North Korea poses a grave threat to China by enforcing the nuclear test in a place very close to China", rights activist Yu Yunfeng, who led the protest, was cited as saying.

Iran has said it would not be the first to violate the landmark nuclear deal, but that it would respond "decisively and resolutely" to a violation of the pact "by any party".

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