Published: Wed, September 27, 2017
Finance | By Kristine Clayton

NBC's Sunday night National Football League ratings dip from last year's week 3

NBC's Sunday night National Football League ratings dip from last year's week 3

It had an 11.6 rating compared to last year's 12.9, and a 20 percent share, compared to 21 percent. The first Sunday night game on NBC received a 17.00 rating in 2017 in the Rockford region compared to a 13.24 rating in 2016. But Week 3 ratings are expected to be up overall once the ratings for Monday night's Cowboys-Cardinals game is factored into the equation.

The ratings for "Sunday Night Football" have taken a marked dive since the 2016 season, plummeting in the doubt digits.

WHAT IT MEANS: In a world where TV viewing is increasingly fragmented and more people are watching on devices or saving programs until later, the majority of TV shows have smaller ratings than the year before.

BUT the game was also a blowout. Maybe more people are enjoying good late summer weather and are staying outside more this year. Or the games are getting slower with replays. Whatever you think of the imbroglio give Trump this much, his perception that the anthem was used as a tool to goose anticipation among viewers was not off the mark.

At some games Sunday, players kneeled in large numbers during the anthem and were critical of Trump's comments. Yet CBS said the overnight ratings from big cities for this past weekend's games, while generally less reliable than the measurement taken over the whole country, were up 4 percent over previous year.

That is an eight percent drop in viewership from the prior week's game when the Atlanta Falcons beat the Green Bay Packers, and a 10 percent drop from early numbers for last year's equivalent Sunday night game during the third week.

Management is boycotting the National Football League because of its handling of the manner in which the National Football League is allowing its players to protest what they believe is the treatment of police toward minorities.

"People are going to tune in for the match-ups, the stars and hometown teams", Berke said.

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