Published: Tue, September 12, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Pope blasts climate skeptics, cites 'moral' duty to act

Pope blasts climate skeptics, cites 'moral' duty to act

The pope's remarks on Sunday are not the first time he's questioned Trump on issues regarding immigration. However, he said, "uprooting young people from their families is not something that will bear fruit".

"I have heard the United States president present himself as a pro-life man, and if he is that he will understand the importance of the family, and life, and how the family unit must be defended", Francis said.

A Vatican official said at the time that the US move was a "slap in the face" for the pope and the Vatican. He was left with a black eye and a cut on his left eyebrow.

"If we don't turn back, we will go down", Pope Francis told reporters ominously. A POLITICO/ Morning Consult poll published the day of DACA's rescission, which surveyed 1,993 registered voters, found that 58 percent of American voters would like to see a pathway for DACA recipients to stay and become citizens after meeting certain requirements. "Drugs, other addictions, suicides - youth suicides are very high - and this happens when they are torn from their roots", Francis said. "They speak very clearly", he said, referring to experts who blame global warming on man-made activities.

The accident did not stop Pope Francis' busy schedule.

The 80-year-old pope was leaning outside a glass panel in front of him when the vehicle stopped and he lost balance and bumped his face against the barrier.

The Alitalia plane that transported Pope Francis to Colombia on Wednesday for his official visit changed flight path to avoid Irma, Vatican officials said.

"All of us have a responsibility, all of us, small or large, a moral responsibility".

"We have to take it seriously".

"You can't play with the lives of our brothers or manipulate their dignity" he said. "And history will judge their decisions". "He is not able to ask for forgiveness", the Pope said, and for this reason, it is very hard to help someone who is corrupt.

"I was moved by the joy, the tenderness, the youthfulness, the nobility of the Colombian people", the pontiff said of the trip.

There were a number of questions about climate change, especially with regard to politicians and others who refuse to collaborate with other nations because they deny that climate change is caused by humans.

"From this place, I want to assure my prayers for each of the countries of Latin America, especially for nearby Venezuela". Pope flew to Medellin on his penultimate day in Colombia.

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