Published: Sat, September 02, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Republicans Will Let America Burn While Holding Out for Tax Cuts

Republicans Will Let America Burn While Holding Out for Tax Cuts

A focus group in a key Rust Belt city hammered away at President Donald Trump on Tuesday night, tossing around words and phrases such as "contemptible" and "disastrous", and an "abject disappointment", Politico reported.

Only 36 percent have a favorable impression of him, and a mere 34 percent agree with his decision to pardon the criminally racist former sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Second, it is incumbent upon the GOP to work with the president to keep their promises to the people who elected them.

The poll released on Wednesday (30 August) found that 56% of respondents think Trump is "tearing the country apart", compared to 33% who think he is "drawing the country together". Trump's rhetoric about white supremacists, especially in the wake of violence in Charlottesville, has been far more forgiving. Only 11% of them say they have no concerns about what he's doing, while another 16% say obstruction from other people concerns them. Eighty-five percent of Republicans approve or somewhat approve of his performance, with 65 percent saying they strongly approve.

Trump's job ratings are particularly negative among Democrats and independents.

"What most disappoints me is he's such an incredibly flawed individual who has articulated so numerous values that I hold dear", said Trump voter Tony Sciullo, an insurance company president. However, conservative Republicans (52%) are less likely than moderate and liberal Republicans (70%) to say Trump needs to listen more to members of the GOP with experience in government.

The nationwide poll was taken from a sample of 10,129 adults over age 18 and conducted by NBC and SurveyMonkey between August 24 and August 29.

And there was a near-unanimous sense of pessimism in the room, with focus group members painting a picture of America under Trump as "chaotic, ' 'scary, ' 'embarrassing" and 'tense'.

See the Methodology section of this report for more details.

As for the cause of such division in the US today: Fifty-six percent of Americans said Trump is tearing the country apart.

In addition, many say "outsider" (44 percent) and "unstable" (44 percent) describe the president well.

Schumer tells reporters that the tax overhaul plan should not increase budget deficits and should be written by both parties, not just the president's fellow Republicans.

Trump's personality is mentioned quite often both positively and negatively. A record 55 percent of voters disapprove of the job he's doing as president, while 41 percent approve.

Most voters, however, appeared to express dissatisfaction with Trump's leadership overall. It's only natural that the visceral connection that Trump made with them is hard to break. The survey did not break down approval rating by political party.

Whether he's calling Nazis "fine people", doubling down on nativism by pardoning a xenophobic ex-sheriff, taking a whack at transgender people for the amusement of his rubes or badly lying his way through yet another damning revelation about his Russian connections, Trump has been receiving unprecedented criticism from prominent Republicans.

If this were school, Trump would flunk race relations where the disapproval outweighs approval by 28 points.

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