Published: Sun, September 10, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Sexual assault survivors wonder what's next after Betsy Devos speech

Sexual assault survivors wonder what's next after Betsy Devos speech

Title IX was a federal law prohibiting discrimination based on sex for schools receiving federal funds. This includes protection from sexual harassment.

"The Obama administration took a very important step and raised the importance of the issue", Hartle said. "And as I've said earlier, in all of this discussion, it really is a process, not an event but it is the intention to move beyond that and move towards a better way". Obama's former vice president, Joe Biden, was highly critical of DeVos, although he did not address the rights of the accused.

Critics have said the guidance is unfair toward the accused and could jeopardize their futures, as the guidance lowered the standard for proving allegations.

"We will have succeeded when no woman who is abused ever instinctively asks the question, 'What did I do, '" Biden said at George Mason University in April.

But Butler cautioned that the Secretary should not make any changes that stops the progress that has been made with the issue in recent years.

DeVos didn't lay out a specific approach, but did say she would like to see a system that's fair for all students.

#StopBetsy was trending on Twitter, with activists accusing the administration of being more interested in protecting men than women.

K-State contends it's not required to investigate off-campus assaults.

JOSEPH ROBERTS: It - you know, it feels good now to have someone in Washington that cares about preserving due process rights for students.

Vanderbilt University has been at the center of conversations about Title IX and campus sexual assault since 2013, when four former Vanderbilt football players were charged with raping a female student in a dorm room.

Democrats widely condemned DeVos's announcement. Sen.

Bitton and his group work as advocates for survivors of sexual violence.

In case you were anxious that women were getting too coddled, supremely unqualified secretary of education Betsy DeVos is here to make sure things are set right. "We will not accept this blatant favoritism for the rights of rapists under the guise of fairness".

On Thursday afternoon, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos added to the hotbed of nationwide unrest when she revealed in an interview with CBS that she intends to overturn the Obama administration's Title IX sexual assault guidelines.

Obama's guidelines were heralded by victims rights groups, but it became controversial when defenders of the accused students said that they resulted in unjust findings without due process. "With regard to the unilateral and opaque way that current federal mandates in this area were imposed, she further assured listeners that 'the era of "rule by letter" is over'". Under the Trump administration, they might be rolled back.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is expected to detail her plans for revising Obama administration guidance that governs how colleges handle sexual assault complaints. She has vowed to consider cases individually rather than looking for systemic violations of civil rights, which she said leads to longer processing times and backlogs.

When I spoke to Darbi Goodwin, who reported her rape by a high school classmate in 2014, for instance, authority figures repeatedly prioritized the feelings of the accused.

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