Published: Sun, September 10, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

U.S. calls for UNSC vote on North Korea sanctions

U.S. calls for UNSC vote on North Korea sanctions

The US has circulated a draft resolution that would, aside from barring crude oil shipments to North Korea, ban the nation's exports of textiles and prohibit employment of its guest workers by other countries, according to a diplomat at the world body.

The United States says it will call a UN Security Council meeting to vote on a new draft resolution that seeks to tighten sanctions on North Korea.

After the latest nuclear test by North Korea at the weekend, the USA and its allies called for tougher sanctions against the North Korean regime.

While North Koreans decorated statues with flowers, the U.N. was preparing for a Monday vote on new sanctions to punish Pyongyang for its recent uptick in long-range missile tests and a sixth nuclear test. Mexico also became the latest nation to respond by expelling North Korea's ambassadors.

South Korean officials have said they are bracing for a possible further missile test by North Korea when it marks its founding anniversary on September 9.

KOMID may be linked with the development of ballistic missiles and chemical weapons.

In July, it tested two intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that appeared to bring much of the mainland United States into range.

United Nations diplomats said the latest US proposals would be the toughest ever imposed on North Korea in punishment for its sixth and largest nuclear bomb test on September 3.

In another commentary, Rodong Sinmun said the USA would continue receiving "gift packages in different shapes and sizes" as long as it sticks to what it said was a hostile policy against the North.

It was not immediately clear how North Korean ally China and Russian Federation would vote, but a senior USA official on Friday night expressed skepticism that either nation would accept anything more stringent than a ban on imports of North Korean textiles.

A ban on oil and oil products is the "toughest point", a source familiar with the discussions said.

New measures by the worldwide community should be aimed at "harming the nuclear and missile program of the government of North Korea while helping restart dialogue and negotiation", Wang said.

The United States wants tough sanctions to be imposed to maximize pressure on Pyongyang to come to the table and negotiate an end to its nuclear and missile tests.

The new push could potentially cause a rift with China, North Korea's ally and trading partner, as well as with Russian Federation.

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