Published: Sat, September 02, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

White House: Trump will donate $1 million to Harvey relief

White House: Trump will donate $1 million to Harvey relief

The White House hadn't released any more details as of Friday afternoon.

The official was not authorized to release the information publicly before a final decision is made and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Trump travelled to Texas on Tuesday for a first-hand assessment of the situation on the ground. Much larger future installments will be required but the initial package, to replenish Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster coffers through September 30, shouldn't be controversial. He has pledged $1 million in personal funds to Harvey relief efforts.

"As of right now, tentatively, he plans to be in the Houston area of Texas and possibly Lake Charles", Sanders said in Thursday's morning briefing.

Also on hand today, President Trump's Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert.

Still, he says people living in the country illegally should not expect long-term federal assistance reserved for citizens.

Donald Trump will be donating $1 million to support the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas, the president's press secretary announced Thursday.

Sanders says that the President told her to ask reporters at the briefing to suggest which organization his money should go to, because he hasn't yet decided.

At least 38 people have been killed as a result of the devastating floods and that number was climbing as water receded.

As a levee was breached, reservoirs overflowed and Harvey dumped more rain on the battered Houston region, the president and his FEMA director demonstrated that the feds are coordinating with state and local officials in trying to aid the tens of thousands of displaced residents.

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