Published: Sun, October 08, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Body parts found by Danish police are from Swedish journalist Kim Wall

Body parts found by Danish police are from Swedish journalist Kim Wall

But police have said 15 stab wounds were found on the torso found at sea off Copenhagen.

"The Danish police announced on Saturday that he had found the head and the two legs of the journalist for Swedish deceased in the month of August last".

Wall was last seen on August 10 when she went inside the 18-meter submarine with Madsen.

Her torso was discovered eleven days after her disappearance and now police in Copenhagen have found her head and limbs during a search of Koge Bay.

"No cause of death has been established yet", Moeller said, but the investigation has been focusing on whether decapitation had brought about Wall's death. A day later, the vessel had sunk, Madsen was rescued alone and claimed that Wall died in "a bad accident" and that he buried her body at sea.

He has said that the journalist died in an accident when she hit her head on a hatch in the submarine. "Around twelve we found a leg, at that point another leg, and presently we found a head, likewise in a sack weighted around a few metal pieces".

The detention of Madsen, who has denied manslaughter charges, expires October 31 when a court will decide if he will continue to remain in custody ahead of a possible trial.

As reported in Denmark, brought to the surface the world's largest private submarine Nautilus sank South of Copenhagen on August 11.

New item sordid in the case that involves the name of that Danish inventor Peter Madsen. Madsen was rescued from the sinking vessel and brought ashore, where he was picked up by police, but there was no trace of the missing journalist.

Madsen was later captured and held in guardianship on doubt of murdering Wall.

Divider, an alum of Columbia University and London School of Economics, was based amongst Beijing and NY.

Almost two months after the death of Kim Wall, the Danish police announced that it had made a new discovery macabre. A capable author, her work showed up in The New York Times, the Guardian and TIME, among productions.

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