Published: Mon, October 23, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Cops respond to deadly shooting near Colorado State University

Cops respond to deadly shooting near Colorado State University

On Friday afternoon, friends, classmates and family shared their memories of Savannah McNealy.

McNealy, a student at Colorado State University, was in a relationship with Zamora.

A Colorado State University student was out celebrating her 22nd birthday in the hours before being fatally shot by her boyfriend, an Air Force staff sergeant stationed in Wyoming. The name of the wounded woman has not been released; she is expected to survive.

Those slain were his girlfriend, Savannah McNealy, and Tristan Kemp, 26, of Destin, Florida.

According to the Coloradoan, "Brooke Ehlers lives in a nearby apartment and said she was up late studying when she heard multiple gunshots and the sound of a woman screaming just before 2 a.m".

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Instagram/@SavannamaccMcNealy posted this photo to her now-deleted Instagram page just hours before her death.

A public information officer with Francis E. Warren Air Force Base did not identify the airman or his involvement in the shooting.

Police said the trio was met with gunfire, coming from Zamora. Police are not identifying her to protect her privacy.

Tristian Kemp's uncle, Thomas Perez, told Fox Denver that the two had traveled together to Colorado so that Zamora could visit McNealy.

All three had taken a rideshare to the apartment complex before they were attacked. He had served in the Air Force for more than 8 years. She said he was in Colorado on vacation.

"The driver dropped them off and drove away before the shooting started", Jones said. I'm sure if you ask anybody he knows, they'll tell you he was awesome.

Police said Zamora was with the group celebrating earlier in the night. Police confirmed Zamora owned the handgun and two rifles found at the scene.

According to Facebook, Kemp and Zamora were friends. "We are working with the funeral home in Colorado and a funeral home on Guam to bring him home", said Unpingco.

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