Published: Wed, October 04, 2017
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LaVar Ball says he's going to home school his son LaMelo

LaVar Ball says he's going to home school his son LaMelo

Nothing should surprise the basketball world with the Ball family at this point, but even by the lofty standard for LaVar and co., this one seems like it came from out of nowhere.

The loss of LaMelo from the high school ranks will have a major impact on Southern California basketball.

LaVar Ball is pulling his youngest son out of high school.

Instead, LaMelo will be home-schooled and home-trained. Without me training those players at my house.

LaMelo will be unable to discover how to fit his game into the structure of a team setting, with the exception of the very haphazard approach taken by his summer team, Big Ballers.

When asked about LaMelo potentially being ineligible, LaVar basically said he didn't care.

Of course, LaVar didn't need to pull LaMelo entirely out of school just to get him away from a coach he didn't like. LaVar wanted to train his son LaMelo and said he would make him the best player ever. Regardless of whether LaMelo successfully completes his high school graduation requirement, he'll only need to wait one year before entering his name into the 2020 NBA Draft.

But there's less pressure on UCLA to bend to LaVar's will now that there is a very realistic chance that LaMelo never plays college basketball.

We hope that is not the case, but like with everything surrounding LaVar Ball, you can never tell what happens next. "He won't go to the NCAA".

USC's Tony Bland has hired a high-profile NY attorney to represent him against the federal charges that resulted in his arrest last week.

Two years ago with all three in the Chino Hills fold, the Huskies went 35-0 and finished No. 1 in 10 national polls. "I didn't foresee this happening", Baik said. Gillig told him: "I'm trying to win the game".

It's actually quite a surprise that Chino Hills didn't consider LaVar for the head basketball coaching job after he drove the last coach out.

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