Published: Tue, October 24, 2017
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New London pollution tax comes into force

New London pollution tax comes into force

As for the run-up to the fee being implemented, Khan says: "I will continue to do everything in my power to help protect the health of Londoners and clean our filthy air".

From 7am drivers of older, more polluting petrol and the "dirtiest" diesel vehicles will pay the new T-Charge plus the congestion charge, meaning they will pay a total of £21.50 for every weekday they drive in the zone from 7am to 6pm.

Green groups today welcomed the introduction of the T-Charge, but some warned more support is needed to encourage drivers to switch to cleaner vehicles. Khan said that this was "the time to stand up and join the battle to clear the toxic air we are forced to breathe".

London motorists are already charged 11.50 pounds ($15) to enter sections of the city as part of congestion charge.

The new charge applies to most vehicles registered before 2006 that do not meet standards introduced in European Union countries in 2005.

Speaking to Sky News, Khan said: "We don't make a profit from the T-charge - it's costing us".

But the T-Charge has divided public opinion, with many accusing the scheme of targeting Britain's poorest drivers.

But GLA Conservative Party member Shaun Bailey was critical of the T-charge, claiming the measure would not work effectively while also hurting small businesses.

"The Ultra-Low Emissions Zone, plus this means that by 2020 - the end of my first term - [there will be a] 50% reduction in nox and particulate matters in Central London", he said. Children are particularly at risk due to their developing lungs.

London's tax on its oldest polluting vehicles comes out in full force Monday in a move to improve air quality.

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