Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

President Trump's British trip 'downgraded from state visit in face of opposition'

President Trump's British trip 'downgraded from state visit in face of opposition'

Donald Trump will visit Britain early next year but it will not be a State Visit and he will not stay with the Queen, it emerged today.

Mr Trump's United Kingdom visit is likely to be part of a tour of several countries and will not be a red carpet event as had been envisaged.

The visit will not include a stay with the Queen like Barack Obama enjoyed in 2011.

Fears of mass protests have led diplomats to discuss downgrading the US President's plans from a full-blown State Visit, according to the London Evening Standard.

"Not accurate, we've not yet scheduled anything for next year", Michael Anton, a national security official in the Trump administration, told The Hill when asked about the report.

The diplomatic source said: "There are plenty of chances to get the President over here".

While British and USA sources told the Evening Standard that the full state visit would still go ahead at some point, the stripped down version, which was expected to be far less controversial than a royal welcome, would take place in early 2018.

Commons speaker John Bercow later said the president should not be allowed to address the House of Commons during any visit. He was not aware of any other discussions on a separate working visit, Reuters reports.

Thousands of people launched protests against the move, while more than a million people signed a petition to stop the trip from going ahead.

The spokesman said: 'We have extended an invitation that has been accepted.

When Downing St is pressed to expand on plans for the state visit, it repeatedly responds "we extended an invitation that was accepted but no date has been set". Which I'm sure Theresa May is devastated about, seeing as how she seems to want to sort out a post-Brexit trade deal to replace all the trade we probably won't be doing with the EU.

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