Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
Sci-tech | By Javier West

Raila Odinga withdraws from Kenya's election rerun

Raila Odinga withdraws from Kenya's election rerun

"Instead, the case for proceeding with the fresh election on 26 October without these changes is being made on the grounds of time constraints", added Odinga.

Kenyatta has said that even if Odinga won the fresh election, the ruling party's majority in parliament would impeach him.

On his part, Deputy President William Ruto accused the former Prime Minister of taking Kenyans in circles for fear of a resounding defeat at the repeat poll.

"We shall not allow anything to dampen our morale".

"This is a democratic society we live in".

"We are trying to prevent a crisis should there be no elections", he told Reuters by phone.

Odinga has vowed to boycott the polls if his demands, such as the overhauling of the election commission, are not met.

Morgan Tsvangirai's ally and Kenyan opposition leader, Raila Odinga has played a Tsvangirai 2008 by pulling out of October's election re-run.

The National Super Alliance (NASA) leader said it is only through his withdrawal that the country will have a free and fair election as per the law.

Nevertheless, they emphasized that Kenya's vibrant constitutional dispensation, coupled with strong independent institutions and the resilience of its citizens, would act as a bulwark against civil disruption in the wake of Odinga's withdrawal from presidential race.

Police fired tear gas on Friday at opposition protesters in Kenya's capital who were demanding that officials involved in August's canceled presidential election be sacked.

Parties must now nominate presidential candidates afresh.

The Elections Act 2011, Section 13 (1) which states: "A political party shall nominate its candidates for an election under this act at least ninety days before a general election under this Act in accordance with its constitution rules".

The statement further said the commission had taken the necessary steps to guarantee a credible fresh presidential election.

Raila departs on Wednesday for the United Kingdom amid fears that he might announce his withdrawal from there, and refuse to return back to the country in time for the poll.

Odinga addresses the press on Tuesday.

The Standard reported four possible outcomes - the IBEC can immediately declare Kenyatta the sole candidate and victor; the opposition could ask the Supreme Court for another vote, the court could allow a fringe candidate, Ekuru Aukot, to enter the race, or the October 26 election could go on as planned.

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