Published: Mon, October 02, 2017
Finance | By Kristine Clayton

Trump lashes out at San Juan mayor who begged for more help

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz reacted with shock and anger to acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke on Friday, saying Puerto Rico's recovery is "not a good news story".

Ms Cruz told the media on Friday to "make sure somebody is in charge that is up to the task of saving lives".

Donald Trump has been copping it even more than usual today for a series of Tweets concerning the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, and even Kim Kardashian, who has pledged her support for the people of the troubled USA territory, has joined the chorus of those criticising him.

Cruz, 54, was born and raised in San Juan, according to a biography on Puerto Rico's Chamber of Commerce website. She also drove past still-flooded streets, twisted billboards and roofs with gaping holes, and offered encouragement to some of the emergency personnel the USA government has on the ground.

Cruz responded by saying she would do whatever she had to do to save lives on the island. She spent 13 hours one day trying to buy fuel at a station that ran dry and was in line on Saturday at a store that ran out of diesel.

"You know, I get four pallets of food, three pallets of water, that's really not even going to provide for a dent", Cruz said.

Who would have ever thought we'd find ourselves here. Of course President Trump Tweeted this from the golf course, where he's enjoying some R&R this weekend.

Sen. Bernie Sanders said President Donald Trump's attack on the mayor of San Juan is "unspeakable".

On Tuesday, he's due to visit Puerto Rico, where Maria killed at least sixteen people and left numerous island's 3.4 million residents without power and water.

Ground Reports: With electricity still widely out, many merchants are not accepting credit cards, making a cash infusion increasingly necessary for residents who need to purchase food, medicine, gas and other supplies. But many remain desperate for necessities, most urgently water, long after the September 20 hurricane.

Trump concluded the tweet storm by lashing out at the "fake news networks" and pledging to visit Puerto Rico with First Lady Melania Trump on Tuesday. "It's been wiped out".

Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich, a frequent critic of the President, said in an interview on CNN that Trump's attack was uncalled for.

"Actually, I was asking for help", Yulin Cruz told MSNBC.

"I can tell you this: We have done an incredible job considering there's absolutely nothing to work with". "Puerto Rico was totally destroyed".

"We're getting commodities to Puerto Rico", said Long.

Cruz became involved in Puerto Rico's Popular Democratic Party in 2003, and was elected president of its women's organization.

Mulvaney said some people were looking for reasons to snipe at the Trump administration and that the public should consider the administration's actions over words. "They" are trying to convince people that our soldiers aren't doing a good job.

But Trump insisted in a series of Twitter messages on Saturday that federal emergency response teams and the United States military, which has sent dozens of ships and some 10,000 troops, were doing a "fantastic" job.

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