Published: Sat, November 18, 2017
Sci-tech | By Javier West

HomePod Release Date Delayed: Apple Speaker Will Launch Next Year

HomePod Release Date Delayed: Apple Speaker Will Launch Next Year

Google and Apple, two companies that lead the mobile technological front, both have plans to bring their most powerful smart speakers to the market this holiday season; however, it seems Apple's metaphorical pie needs a little more time in the oven.

Apple has delayed the launch of its HomePod smart speaker until early 2018, the technology giant has said.

If you had the Apple HomePod on your letter to Santa this year, you're going to need to get a replacement up the chimney pronto.

Apple was originally planning to release the HomePod in December, but has now delayed it until 2018.

It's not clear exactly what issues led to Apple's decision. We'll start shipping in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia in early 2018. Apple's HomePod is aware of how big the room is where it is being placed, and adjusts the sound accordingly for the best experience.

Apple's main pitch for its HomePod smart speakers was superior audio quality, but that advantage appears to be slipping: Sonos, which also pitches its speakers' audio quality for music lovers, now features support for the Alexa voice assistant. But voice control is created to work only with Apple Music, the company's $10 a month subscription service. However, missing out on holiday gift purchases could mean some people opt for speakers from other companies, locking them more tightly into rival digital ecosystems.

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