Published: Sat, November 04, 2017
Sports | By Phillip Butler

Ivanka Trump's miniskirt is too short for Japan, says social media: 'Inappropriate!'

Ivanka Trump's miniskirt is too short for Japan, says social media: 'Inappropriate!'

Trump was scheduled to have dinner with Abe on Friday evening before leaving the country on Saturday.

"I felt an obligation to seize this moment and join the administration", Ivanka Trump announced during a speech at a business conference in Japan.

As part of a three-day lead up to President Donald Trump's arrival there, Ivanka Trump was a key speaker at the World Assembly for Women to champion Abe's "womenomics" plan.

Trump will lay out "four fundamental changes that will propel women into the future" of the global economy, according to excerpts of her prepared remarks, highlighting the real estate developer turned entrepreneur turned senior adviser to the president's work in the West Wing. Abe has pledged $50 million to the cause, and said he hopes to create "a society where women can shine".

Ivanka, a popular fashion icon, will have dozens of female officers, mostly riot police members, watching over her as the police expect many female admirers to gather to catch a glimpse of her.

Ivanka Trump's speech, in fact, was the most registered-for event of the summit and tight security led officials to close doors early to waiting crowds.

Ivanka Trump also denounced sexual harassment in the workplace.

U.S. President Donald Trump, her father, and first lady Melania, her mother-in-law, are scheduled to arrive November 5 for a three-day visit.

Sometimes glancing at Abe sitting behind her on the stage, Trump praised the prime minister's efforts to promote women's participation in the workforce.

"This takes many forms, including harassment, which can never be tolerated", she continued.

In anticipation of President Trump's diplomatic tour through Asia, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has assembled a female-only security team to protect Melania Trump when the First Family arrives in Japan.

Gone is the bulky body armor used when facing rioters or unsafe criminals, to be replaced by smart black suits.

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