Published: Fri, November 10, 2017
Sci-tech | By Javier West

Some Pixel 2 XL Users Are Reporting An Unusual Screen Flashing Issue

Some Pixel 2 XL Users Are Reporting An Unusual Screen Flashing Issue

The newest problem that has surfaced on the Pixel 2 XL is that its screen flashes for a split second before it is unlocked. Well, it seems that lately a handful of Pixel 2, Galaxy S8 (Amazon, $699.00) and Galaxy Note 8 (Amazon, $869.00) are annoying owners with this very basic function. Some have found that disabling this feature prevents the issue, others say that even just toggling it off and then on is a temporary solution. So far the smaller Pixel 2 seems unaffected. For those who aren't experiencing the same problem yet, it's possible that their Pixel 2 XL units are not affected and they shouldn't worry too much about it. One of the users wrote,"I have the new Pixel 2 (not XL) and the mic stopped working for me".

The issue was first brought to light by a Pixel 2 XL user Cynthia O in the Pixel User Community forums. With Google promoting the camera, these kind of issues are really disappointing to see, and a brand like Google has done it wrong this time with the Pixel 2 series. Share us your views by commenting below. One of the major problems is that the Pixel 2 has a potential bendgate situation as Google has fitted an antenna band at the weakest part of the phone. "I believe this is a hardware issue unfortunately - or at least in my case".

Last night, we told you about the Google Pixel 2 XL's flashing screen problem, just the latest in a series of issues involving the model's 6-inch display. Doing this made my microphone work again and it continues to work when it goes out. Multiple other users also confirmed the solution works. This doesn't happen all the time.

For some Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL users, the microphone malfunction issue can be fixed by blowing up in the speaker which may sound old school but until Google responds, this may be the best bet.

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