Published: Mon, November 06, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Turnbull Knocks Back New Zealand's Refugee Offer

Turnbull Knocks Back New Zealand's Refugee Offer

More than 600 refugees and asylum seekers have barricaded themselves inside the detention centre, which closed on Thursday.

Ms Ardern insisted the offer remained "firmly on the table" but said she understood Mr Turnbull's reasoning.

The group says they are afraid of being attacked by locals if they leave.

Rich millennial speculators like to buy houses in New Zealand for its nature; in fact, over the past decade, three percent of New Zealand house buyers were foreign speculators.

"What we are seeking to do is ensure there are opportunities for resettlement for the people on Manus Island and Nauru", he said.

"We have an arrangement with the United States where a substantial number - 1,250 - can, subject to the U.S. rigours vetting, be resettled in the United States".

But fronting the media at Kirribilli House on Sunday, both Mr Turnbull and Ms Ardern said they had been engaged in "strong talks" and were confident of building a strong relationship.

Regardless, Fairfax reports that Turnbull will turn it down over concerns that kindness could be seen as an inducement to other asylum seekers contemplating the treacherous boat journey to Australia.

Mr Turnbull ignored calls from the opposition and even a member within his own party to take the offer, saying he would first pursue a deal with the Trump administration to resettle 1250 refugees.

Australia withdrew from the Manus Island centre on Tuesday, following a PNG court ruling that the centre was unconstitutional.

He said the statement would be "music to the ears of people smugglers" and that he was making policy on the run.

It comes after a government backbencher broke ranks to support sending refugees to New Zealand to help end the stand-off on Manus Island.

Senator Di Natale said New Zealand had a more compassionate approach to refugees.

"We should give consideration to what New Zealand is offering", former immigration minister Kevin Andrews told Sky News on Sunday.

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