Published: Sun, December 31, 2017
Sports | By Phillip Butler

Draymond Green on why Warriors didn't celebrate Christmas win over Cavs

Draymond Green on why Warriors didn't celebrate Christmas win over Cavs

Green led the league in steals with 2.0 per game last season, as well as collecting 1.4 blocks per contest as a 6'7 power forward, so it's no wonder Green is touted as the driving engine behind the Golden State Warriors for the past few seasons.

"I think for me the worst thing is when I actually go to talk to the ref and they say, 'It was nothing'".

"I believe so", James said, when asked if officials should be able to assess a foul on a play that is being reviewed.

"So when people start to notice what you do, I mean obviously, it's not all you do it for ... but when fans watching the games, and anybody watching the game, you want them to see what you do. It's no call, it's no foul.' That's the worst, for me". It looked to be a clear call for the referees to make but wound being what sealed the loss for the Cavaliers. But when you see the ref on the baseline looking at the whole play and you go up to him and he says no call multiple times in crunch time that's the frustrating part.

Durant has one NBA MVP award, one NBA title and NBA Finals MVP awards (in two NBA Finals appearances), two Olympic gold medals and is in the top-50 for all-time three-point field goals (and attempts), free-throws (and attempts) but the top-10 for all-time PER, points per game average and win shares (per 48 minutes).

With Kawhi Leonard, Rudy Gobert and even Green himself all taking time out for injuries this season, Green may be entirely correct when he says the race for the DPOY award isn't really a race at all.

In four more years of time, James has achieved a level of individual success that dwarfs Durant's although the latter could certainly catch up to James in the team accolades like National Basketball Association titles and work his way up towards James' place on the career leaderboard in offensive categories. I understand. It's a physical game and they can miss some calls late in the game.

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