Published: Tue, December 12, 2017
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Houston mother allegedly kicked off plane for breastfeeding her crying child

Houston mother allegedly kicked off plane for breastfeeding her crying child

A MOTHER in the United States claims she was wrongfully kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight with her elderly parents and two-year-old son for breastfeeding him before takeoff.

Rui, who was traveling as part of a clinical cancer study, was already feeling frazzled by the flight's delays due to weather. Before the cabin door closed, she began breastfeeding her child. Rui noticed that the plane door was still open and passengers were still coming on board, so she asked for just a few more minutes to finish feeding her son.

Spirit Airlines allegedly kicked out a Houston woman from a plane during a flight Saturday for breastfeeding her son despite warnings from flight attendants against doing so.

"He was making very loud noises, but that's not criminal", Rui said. After sitting there for all that time, Mei began to breastfeed her "exhausted" son.

The airline has stated that the family were removed after failing to comply with crew instructions, however, Rui says the "only "non-compliance" is that my son was crying for 25 minutes straight after I force-buckled him into the airplane seat".

In a video recorded by Rui, her son can be heard screaming right before another flight attendant came to kick them off the flight. "If they had shown a little compassion, it wouldn't have happened, they didn't have to let it escalate".

"It was humiliating to be chased off a plane in front of hundreds of people", Mei went on to say.

"You just don't have to treat people that way", said Mei. "We had never been through anything close to this".

Rui, a Yale medical school graduate and cancer researcher who is also an accomplished piano player and teacher, said the ordeal was worse than Hurricane Harvey which destroyed her home and her elderly parents' home.

Spirit is so far standing by its decision to remove Rui and her family from the flight.

'I just want to know why we are getting kicked off the plane!' Rui, who is from Shanghai but has lived in the United States since attending college, said. To ensure the safety of our guests and crew, FAA regulations and airline policies require all passengers stay seated and buckled during takeoff and landing. "We're not lawbreakers or trouble seekers". We reviewed multiple accounts from the crew and other guests sitting nearby and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue. "We're a family of seniors and a mother and a baby, why did they have to treat us this way?"

"As a courtesy, we've issued a full refund to the customer in question", said Schuler. They lost their house and possessions, including her piano, in Hurricane Harvey, and are now living in temporary housing.

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