Published: Sat, December 16, 2017
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Indian shares advance led by banks after Gujarat exit poll results

Indian shares advance led by banks after Gujarat exit poll results

The Times Now-VMR exit poll predicted the BJP to win 113 and the Congress 66 in Gujarat. "Still why BJP workers and leaders not happy????"

A poll by NewsX-CNX suggests that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will be successful in painting Himachal Pradesh saffron when the results are declared on December 18.

"A victory for the BJP will be received well by the market while a surprise defeat (against the forecasts of the exit polls) would be a large negative surprise for the market".

Since the opinion polls of October this year, when India Today-Axis My India polls gave the Congress only 65 seats in Gujarat, the equations have certainly changed but not enough as per the exit polls. The main opposition party, the Congress, is projected to win 36-82 seats before the official tally on Monday.

Incidentally, based on Thursday's exit polls the pricing in the betting market was vying on 92-94 seats for BJP and 90-92 seats for Congress.

The only disappointment for the party is that it might not meet its president Amit Shah's target of 150 seats in Gujarat. While the Times Now-VMR exit poll gave 16 seats to the Congress and one to another, the Zee News-Axis poll gave 17 seats to the party in power in Shimla. The saffron party is likely to get 21-27 seats with 52 per cent vote share. The TV 9-C Voter survey gives the BJP 108 seats and Congress 74. The 89 seats that went to polls were in the Saurasthra, Kutch and south Gujarat regions. Gujarat has about 4.33 crore eligible voters, and saw a contest over 182 seats, in which 1,828 candidates fought it out. The EC data released on Friday said tribal-dominated Narmada district witnessed the highest voter turnout of 79.15%, while Devbhumi-Dwarka of Saurashtra region recorded the lowest at 59.39%. █ █ 68.70% polling in 2nd phase The second and final phase of the Gujarat Assembly elections on Thursday saw 68.70 per cent balloting across 14 districts of the northern and central regions of the state, to pick 93 lawmakers. The combined figures stand at around 67.75 per cent - lower than the 72 per cent of the 2012 Assembly elections.

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